How to Get Your Minecraft Stuff Back After Dying?

It has happened to all of us when we start a video game that at some point in our game we have...

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How to Get Your Minecraft Stuff Back After Dying

It has happened to all of us when we start a video game that at some point in our game we have made a mistake, and that cost us to complete an objective. Minecraft is no exception to this, since when we die in the game we will remove all the items that we had inside of not losing inventory. If you die too often you might lose my minecraft stuff and have a hard time finding it again.

When you start the game, you will surely want to recover your Minecraft things. All these that you had before you died. For that reason, in this article we will teach you how to get it quickly so that you can continue your game in the best way and not lose inventory.

How long does it take for me to get my Minecraft stuff back after I die?

You have to take into account that, when you die on the platform. All the items you have lost will remain in the same place where you died in the game. But you also have a time limit to be able to go looking for them. So you will have to be quick enough to recover your Minecraft stuff. All our items and experience before they disappear. That’s why it’s important not to lose inventory.

In order to recover your things and items you will have only 5 minutes to find them in your world. Since after that time has passed your objects will disappear from the game. And there will be no way to place them after that.

What kind of objects or items can be recovered after dying?

You will be able to recover your Minecraft stuff and all the items that have been dropped inside you. And thus not lose inventory on death if they are not destroyed by some part of the environment or creature in the game. You will only need to be quick, and follow the steps that we will show you below in order not to be able to find the place to recover your lost Minecraft stuff.

Steps to recover my Minecraft inventory when I die

It’s quite normal to die in the game when we start playing causing me to not be able to find my stuff in order not to lose inventory. This happens, since there are many ways in which that can happen to us. Either fighting against various monsters that attack us, falling from very high places. It has the possibility of being burned by lava, being underwater for a long time, or suffering from some other problem, and this will cause us to lose the objects we were carrying and when I return. It happens that my things can no longer be found.

Objects and materials

We can have in our inventory all kinds of objects that will fall on the ground when we die. In Minecraft there is a very large variety of items that you can get throughout your world. And there are some that can be very useful to find my things, such as the Totem of Immortality. This will prevent you from dying while holding it in your hand, and will provide 40 seconds of regeneration.

What command to use to not lose my Minecraft inventory?

Minecraft allows us through certain commands to be able to recover your Minecraft things and the objects that we have lost when we die in our world, for this reason the game community has shared all the tricks that you can do if this happens to you when you die. To have a good performance in the game it is important not to lose objects. Only you know how much it cost you to get them, so be careful with that.

If you want your inventory to be kept intact when you die in the game. You will need to enter the find my stuff command (/gamerule keepInventory true). If after that you want to deactivate it and return to the normal difficulty of the game, you only have to enter the command (/gamerule keepInventory false). You can craft it with your Xbox One or on your Android.

When I entered this command, I was able to find my things more easily. It should be noted that only do that in survival mode. Since if you chose extreme mode you cannot use cheats in your world. You must be careful, in having lost things, it can cost you a lot. So not losing inventory is very important. For this it is not necessary to download additional applications with Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to find lost things after dying in Minecraft?

When trying to search for the objects that you have removed, you must take into account certain requirements that make it possible to recover them on your phone. Because in some cases we will not be able to process it. The items that we had before dying in a normal way will remain in the coordinates where you are dead. Unless they have been destroyed by some creature in the game or the environment. If this happens, finding my lost things might get a little more complicated.

That’s the problem, because when you die in the game. Whatever caused us to lose the game can also damage the items on your mobile phone that we carry inside the inventory. For example, if we fall into lava, our stuff will burn instantly after being dropped on death. The same thing happens with the explosions of the creepers, which will destroy our objects.

When we play in the Minecraft Wi-Fi apps with your Xbox One or Android in offline or multiplayer mode, these requirements must be taken into account. Because when dying there can be many situations where some Minecraft things on your mobile phone that are placed in the game environment can destroy the objects that have been dropped from recovering the inventory. And if they are not found bad, we will not be able to place them when returning to the place where they were, even lava.

How to avoid losing things in Minecraft after dying?

When this happens it can be a bit complicated to retrieve the inventory of those items. It is there that you will have to remember the place where you were previously dead. If you know quite well the area where your objects have been, it will be very easy for you. But, if it’s a far away place, it can get a bit complicated and find my things difficult. No need to download mobile phone apps over wifi in order to do this, your game is done.

When you explore more distant places you can leave blocks forming a path to avoid losing objects, and in case you die when finding my things. Knowing which route to choose in order to retrieve your mobile phone’s inventory of your items within your world. You can do that simply by placing a specific block, building towers, or laying torches along the way.

By following these tips you will be able to avoid taking off the next time you die in your Minecraft world. You will never lose your most precious in-game items again with the help of the commands to recover my Minecraft stuff with your Xbox One or on your Android, on your mobile phone.

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