How to Watch HBO for Free on Smart TV, PC or Mobile?

Currently there are a large number of applications whose main function is to offer users a streaming service. Loaded with movies, series,...

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How to Watch HBO for Free on Smart TV, PC or Mobile

Currently there are a large number of applications whose main function is to offer users a streaming service. Loaded with movies, series, documentaries and more. Within these a wide list is reflected, but, if we have to talk about an interesting one, we must name HBO. The streaming app of one of the most important television channels.

To be able to generally enjoy all the content between movies and series offered by the HBO application on any Smart TV, PC or mobile phone; you have to pay a fee.

If in your case you do not have the money at the moment, we will talk to you about some options that you have at hand to be able to enjoy free HBO content. Read on and find out about this valuable streaming app.

How to enjoy free HBO content?

The ways to access any streaming application for free are always a bit limited, and HBO is no exception. If you want to get into the HBO app for free, you will only have 2 options. Which in certain terms do not end up being as free as you imagine. But they are the only ways to carry out this process legally and without any problem.

Hire it and use the month for free

HBO, like other streaming platforms such as the Disney plus application, offers its customers different payment packages to watch series and movies.

Whether you want to purchase multiple screens like the family plan, or when you want to have a single account per individual. In this case, the opportunity is offered to enter HBO for a free month and be able to see all the content you want. Whether on your Smart TV, PC, Android phone or even on Chromecast, under the concept of a free trial month.

Once you start the free trial month, you will be able to watch all the series and movies offered by the HBO platform without any altercation.

The point is that once you have finished the month you will have to pay the next one. Because it is no longer free. So in a certain way, sooner or later you will have to make a respective payment to the platform. In addition, before starting the free trial month you must provide information about your payment method in order to continue.

Get a pay TV plan and use this channel

The other option to use HBO for free is a little further from the idea of ​​being able to enjoy streaming series, movies, and documentaries. HBO is a channel recognized throughout the planet. This has managed to be on the air for years and has established an admirable reputation on television. Despite the streaming apps, this channel is still on the air without any problems.

The other method is to add the HBO channel to the signal or TV plan that you currently have on your Smart TV, PC or mobile phone. In the same way we will have to pay. But this is a much lower price than the idea of ​​having to pay a monthly payment. However, it also represents a problem, since you will not be able to watch your favorite series and movie content whenever you want, therefore it is not entirely free.

How much does the HBO Max monthly fee cost?

In the case of HBO Max, there is no monthly payment as such. Because prices may vary depending on different factors, such as the region or the country in which you are located. This is a very interesting aspect, since there is no exact or constant price, so there is greater flexibility of payments.

On the other hand, we can give you an example comparing the monthly payment that must be paid. If you are located in Spain, for this type of applications. We tell you that the price to pay for HBO Max in this country is 8.99 euros. In addition this plan comes equipped with the delivery of 2 accounts with HD 4K video quality. Therefore, you can enjoy HBO content from two different Smart TV devices, PC or Android phone without any problem.

Other applications that I can use to watch series and movies on my Smart TV or PC

Other applications that I can use to watch series and movies on my Smart TV or PC

There is a huge number of streaming applications or platforms that you can enjoy from a Smart TV or any other television and those numbers continue to grow as time goes by.

The fact of this is that this type of application format has become a resounding success without any problem. Since the emergence of this idea, great apps focused on this kind of service have been born. And it is worth accepting that a good number of these have millions of registered users.


It is considered the most famous and successful streaming platform on the planet among all other applications, as well as a pioneer in this type of format. Netflix got the support of millions of users over the years. To the point of being the best positioned platform in the entire market. In addition, it is also worth saying that it is one of the services with the most content compared to its rivals.

Thanks to the entry of series of great weight in the world of cinema, in addition to the creation and development of many other projects led by this company. Netflix has managed to remain number one for all these years.

Despite the emergence of other great and interesting applications. As is the case with Disney plus, Amazon Prime Video and even HBO.

Amazon Prime Video

After the great success presented by Netflix at the time of entering the world of streaming content. Another application came to light that today gives a decent heads up with Netflix. We are talking about Amazon Prime Video. It is another Streaming service with a different interface and design than its respective rivals.

Amazon Prime Video has managed to captivate a large number of viewers thanks to the content offered on its platform. Which, compared to the Netflix application, is based on series, movies and documentaries that are a little more serious and well treated.

Of course, both platforms have a bit of everything. But the truth is that each of these differs based on the style it sells.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is another application through which you can watch series and movies. Like the other apps, this is a Streaming platform. It is enjoyed through a Smart TV, PC or mobile phone, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

As you can imagine, it is owned by Disney, it does not have as many movies or programs compared to Netflix, HBO or Amazon Video Prime. But all Disney content can be enjoyed without problems from here.

The price, in countries like Spain, is 6.99 euros per month. Which is worth investing once you interact with all its content in 4K resolution with HDR support. As for its free use, Disney Plus offers a 7-day free trial, after which you will have to pay for the subscription.

It is important to note that, in order to enjoy its free content. You will have to offer the previous payment methods. In this way the subscription is assured. After the free trial week can be seen as a bit unfair. But it is Disney’s best way to ensure that you can not only know what it offers you but also verify that you are a safe user.

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